Ormiston Weight Loss Service – weight loss surgery

Let us help you to lose weight and reach your health goals. Take the first step and discover your potential through weight loss surgery with Ormiston Weight Loss Service (OWLS). Ormiston Hospital runs a specialised weight loss service (OWLS) through our private hospital with an expert care team to help you on your journey. 

We understand that diet and exercise alone do not always work and weight loss requires a holistic approach. We get the struggle of being overweight and not knowing where to start, so let us help you today. Our patients push “reset” on their way of living and go on a journey towards a new healthier wellbeing.

No matter what your procedure you are looking into, you can take comfort in knowing that we offer an extremely safe and sterile private hospital environment for your procedure, with highly experienced staff who perform these procedures regularly. Your comfort and your privacy are paramount to us. Read more about why you should go private with Ormiston.

We currently offer two types of weight loss procedures, you can take our online quiz to discover which option may be best suited to you:




















Book a consultation with a specialist here.



We look after our patients over a 12 month period, with regular monitoring and nutritional support. This includes before and after your procedure. The journey to weight loss with OWLS looks like this: 

Consultation with a Specialist Surgeon. 

Book in with dietitian and appointment made for surgery.

Meet with Dietitian to discuss weight loss goals. You may be prescribed medication or a pre-op diet. Surgery patients meet with a clinical psychologist. 

Procedure takes place at Ormiston Hospital. Surgery patients may stay up to two nights. 

Post Op
Post-procedure follow up with specialist followed by working with a dietitian over 12 months following your procedure.

Enjoy your new life and achieve your health goals! 

Weight Loss Experts: 

Our dedicated team includes:

  • Two expert Bariatric surgeons
  • Two gastroenterologists 
  • An experienced weight loss dietitian
  • Physiotherapist
  • Psychologist 
  • OWLS Assistant

Ormiston Hospitalweight loss quiz offers the best and safest procedures available for surgical and nonsurgical weight loss. We are a proud member of Southern Cross Hospitals. 


Full payment is made three days before your procedure. If you require finance for these procedures you may wish to us Nova Medical, please contact them directly. We regularly work with insurers including Southern Cross Health Insurance to cover the costs of procedures. 

There are some instances where health insurers cover some of the cost, please speak with your insurer directly. You may also look into Kiwisaver as an option of payment for withdrawal – please speak to your Kiwisaver provider for more information on this. 

Process in further detail:

  1. Take our weight loss quiz to find the right weight loss procedure for you. From here you can make an enquiry and book a consultation appointment.
  2. Consultation takes place with a surgeon and you will discuss your requirements, you will be booked in for your procedure at a time that suits you, be aware you may need to take time off work. 
  3. Meet with our dietitian for a one-on-one in person or via phone/video call to go over your new special diet requirements and your way of eating
  4.  A session with a clinical psychologist from The Psychology Group in Auckland, with personalised strategies for both the preparation of surgery and success following surgery. This appointment is strongly recommended before your surgery and payment is made at the time. Appointments are flexible and can be in person or online.
  5. You will be required to take blood tests (and sometimes lose weight before the procedure)
  6. Surgery patients will visit their surgeon once more before surgery 
  7. Payment is made two days prior to admission to Hospital
  8. Procedure takes place at Ormiston Hospital 
  9. Discharge occurs when the patient is ready 
  10. Recovery – at your own pace
  11. Three follow-up surgeon appointments included
  12. Ongoing support from Weight Loss Dietitian 
  13. Optional support from psychologist 
Ormiston Weight Loss Service