Patient Forms

We’ve made admission easier by including all of our patient patient forms online for you to complete before you come into hospital.

You should find everything you need to know before coming into Ormiston Hospital for a surgical procedure on our website. You can find information for endoscopy patients here. Please use our website to find information on patient rooms and facilities, what to bring as well as discharge and payment information.

Please complete the below form online or print it off and scan it through to us at

patient admission form

We ask that you also please read the following documents before coming into hospital:

Please note, on the form you will find:

  • The first section on the first page – Agreement to Treatment.

At the top of this page it has the following statement: This section is completed by the Admitting Doctor.  However if this is not completed by your Surgeon, we would appreciate it if you could provide any of the details of your procedure or the date your surgery is booked for, so that we can add this information to our booking system.

Should you have any queries regarding the Patient Information Form, please feel free to contact us.

To contact the Ormiston Hospital Bookings Team:
Phone: (09) 250 1157 Ext: 5865 or email: