Ormiston Dietitian – Sarah Mavor

Sarah Mavor

Sarah Mavor is an expert in weight loss. Sarah is a highly qualified New Zealand Registered Dietitian with experience working in a range of clinical areas including renal disease, diabetes and weight management. Not only does Sarah help to support our weight loss patients, Sarah consults on the delivery of the best nutritional advice and services to Ormiston Hospital. This ensures all of our onsite catering and meals are wholesome and nutrient rich to help optimise patient recovery. A big part of her work with Ormiston is with our bariatric patients who regularly see Sarah for support on their journey to weight loss.

For the past eight years she has specialised in bariatric nutrition, providing nutrition support and education to patients throughout their bariatric journey. This helps Ormiston Weight Loss Service (OWLS) patients to reach their weight loss goals and achieve a new sense of well being. Sarah is passionate about health and nutrition and enjoys the role she has in helping people to develop a lifelong healthy relationship with food to achieve their health goals. Patients who see Sarah are able to lose weight and maintain healthy eating and lifestyle changes with ease as part of the better education and support she offers.

ormiston weight loss bariatric dietitian


To reach out to Sarah you can contact her on: sarah@mavornutrition.co.nz