About Ormiston Hospital

“Experience close to home, first class healthcare, in a warm and caring environment at Ormiston Hospital.” – Patient feedback 

At Ormiston Hospital our vision is to be the preferred private surgical hospital for our community through clinical excellence and superior service.Ormiston nurses

When it comes to your health you expect the very best. Ormiston Hospital is committed to providing you with the highest quality healthcare in an accessible location and designed for your safety and comfort.

Opened in 2009, the hospital is a modern facility with the latest advancements in medical technology. Our private en-suite rooms are tailored to our patients needs. To ensure our patients receive the best treatment we are constantly improving how we operate and perform.

Ormiston Hospital provides:

  • Private surgery, including patients with ACC and health insurance
  • A tailored luxury experience in a home away from home setting
  • Over 70 leading specialist surgeons delivering first class healthcare
  • Beautifully appointed modern facilities
  • Selection of private single or double rooms with en-suite bathroom and in-room entertainment
  • High quality food service prepared to your request and dietary requirements
  • Highly dedicated team of caring healthcare experts with your comfort at the center of everything they do

Choose Ormiston Hospital for your next surgery or endoscopy procedure. We look forward to welcoming you and caring for you in your recovery to wellness.