Surgery Information

When preparing for your arrival, there are a few important aspects to remember.

Everyone will have different needs specific to them, depending on the type of treatment they are going to receive.  You will be given information regarding requirements specifically to you prior to your surgery date by your surgeon.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team at Ormiston Hospital if you are unsure on (09) 250 1157.

You will be sent an information folder that is designed to help you prepare for your surgery and hospital stay.

The Patient Information Form provide us with important information about your personal and contact details, health history, consent for treatments and any special needs and payment arrangements.

To assist us in planning your care, please ensure that in the Patient Information Form (please click  – Ormiston Hospital Forms to Fill Out), you have provided us with all the information regarding any specials needs you may have.

The completed Patient Information Form (Please click – Ormiston Hospital Forms to Fill Out) section should be returned to Ormiston Hospital 10 days prior to your surgery.

For this purpose a pre-paid envelope will be enclosed in the Information Folder or, you can fax (09) 250 1159 or hand deliver it to the hospital.


The day before surgery:

You will be contacted by a member of our nursing team to confirm your admission time and to discuss your general health.  They will confirm your fasting status and any specific requirements that we will need to take into consideration throughout your stay with us at Ormiston Hospital.

If you should fall ill with a sore throat, cough, cold or any other illness, please let our team know as soon as possible. This may require us to change your scheduled admission date to one when you are well.


On the day of your surgery:

Your surgeon will explain details of your surgery and sign your Consent to Surgery Form with you.

Your anaesthetist will explain details of your anaesthetic and sign your Consent to Anaesthesia Form with you.

You will be in the care of skilled and experienced nursing staff.  Your surgeon and anaesthetist are contactable by hospital staff 24 hours a day for any concerns.

Ormiston Hospital has procedures in place in the event of any emergency to ensure your safety.