Admission Procedures

Please follow the instructions given to you regarding not eating or drinking. This includes gum and sweets, coffee and tea. Please follow advice given to you regarding taking medications.

Shower and wash your hair and remove any nail polish, make-up,  jewellery and piercings.

Allow plenty of time to get to Ormiston Hospital. For any reason that you are delayed, contact the hospital as soon as possible on (09) 250 1157.


On your admission

Please report the Ormiston Hospital – Main Reception, which is on Level 3. There, you will begin admission procedures and confirm any payment arrangements.

You may discuss any questions, concerns, and personal needs at this time.

As part of the admission process and to ensure your safety here at Ormiston Hospital, you will be asked several times during your stay to confirm your name and address

This will start on admission and will continue through out the day. Your surgeon and theatre nurses will also complete a final check before your surgery begins.

Our day-stay areas on Level 3 Reception are designed to meet your needs during the recovery phase after your surgery. Some extended day stay patients will recover on the Ward on Level 2.

If your procedure requires an overnight stay or longer, you will be transferred to your Ward Room on Level 2.

Single and shared room facilities include ensuite bathroom, telephone and television.

Meals can be selected by you from a menu and can be also tailored to meet your dietary requirements.