GP Information

As a GP, you will be interested in providing your patients with as much information about our hospital as possible, when referring them to a specialist who works from Ormiston. 

We believe that the quality of care is paramount to both our patients and surgeons and we pride ourselves on our outstanding clinical reputation in the region.

We have the best surgeons available in the region and can assure you in that you will be referring your patients to highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners.

Our patient satisfaction surveys undertaken everyday at the hospital continue to provide us with outstanding feedback. 

Ormiston Hospital is a proud member of the New Zealand Private Hospital Association and utilises the association’s considerable influence of the private health sector.

As well as providing the very best service to our community we are also dedicated to helping you the GP stay informed on medical trends and information. We have a resource page dedicated to this. 

Ormiston Hospital is an independently owned Private Surgical Hospital and is part of the Southern Cross join venture scheme, whereby Southern Cross have a shareholding in the ownership of the hospital, along with other independent individuals and groups.