Ormiston Hospital – home to New Zealand’s Sterile Services expert Kathryn Patterson

We are proud of our amazing Sterile Services Technician and Team Leader Kathryn Patterson who graduated from the New Zealand Diploma in Sterilising Technology (level 5) from Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology.  Kathryn is among the first in New Zealand to graduate from this new internationally recognised qualification.

Kathryn explains; “I wanted to achieve something at a young age in order to progress my career and set me up for the future.” Kathryn juggled full-time work, being a mum and studied part time over an 18 month period in order to pass with flying colours. “It was hard finding the time to study in between life but I’m glad I did as I believe this qualification will advance my career,” said Kathryn.

Katherine Patterson inside the Sterile Services Department at Ormiston Hospital.

Recognised in both Australia and New Zealand, and Kathryn was able to study the diploma with the support of Ormiston Hospital, covering her course fees. Kathryn now applies what she has learned to help her in her everyday role within the Sterilisation department.

Sterile Services plays a pivotal role at Ormiston, or at any hospital. Sterile Services also known as Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) is a department where hospital cleaning and sterilisation takes place. This means processing each instrument and piece of equipment used in procedures. It is a highly important aspect of any hospital, Kathryn’s team keep our clinical team well equipped to the very safest and cleanest standards.

Kathryn is technically the first graduate in the North Island of the Southern Cross network; “I am one of the first to graduate because I was fortunate enough to complete my Level 5 Certificate in 2016, therefore half the subjects were cross-credited.”, she explains, excited to attend the New Zealand Sterile Sciences Association (NZSSA) Conference in Christchurch next month where the graduates from last year and this year will be presented  graduate badges by the NZSSA president.

Kathryn has been working in Sterile Services for over 15 years, and has been with Ormiston for 4 of those years, she manages a team of five within the Ormiston Hospital team. She explains, “I have a great team at Ormiston, and I love the flexibility the job has given me to work around my family life” Kathryn lives locally and has two school aged children and Ormiston provides her with flexible working hours in order to live life around them, and avoid traffic!

Kathryn is just one of our amazing team members here at Ormiston Hospital. Thank you to Kathryn for sharing her story and success with us!

Meet our Quality Manager Kartika Bhaskaran

Hello everyone! I am Kartika Bhaskaran and I have hit the ground running as the new Quality Manager here at Ormiston Hospital. Quality is hugely important to the hospital, so my role is pivotal in ensuring all standards are met. I am a very thorough person so I can appreciate how crucial every detail is to our patient’s care.

I am enjoying getting to know the people here at Ormiston as well as my new role. My previous role was in Auckland Hospital where I was a RN at the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Intensive Care Unit. My time at Auckland Hospital has provided me with the skills I am able to apply at Ormiston Hospital, where my attention to detail and thoroughness were instrumental in my day-to-day work. I am currently studying part-time postgraduate studies in Master in Health Leadership, specialising in Clinical Quality and Safety at the University of Auckland – the learnings from which I apply to my role.

It is a pleasure to work for Ormiston Hospital. I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome that I have received and I look forward to meeting some of our patients in time. Like Ormiston, I believe in a culture that fosters no blame and encourages proactive safety behaviours.  If you have any feedback or concerns on Quality matters, you can alternatively contact me by email, which is: Kartika.Bhaskaran@ormistonhospital.co.nz.

Meet the team: Mari, Theatre Nurse

Meet Mari, one of our Theatre Nurses who works hard in our operating theatres to ensure our patients receive the very best care. Mari is very experienced in what she does and is known for her attention to detail as a nurse. Here are her answers on what it’s like for her to work at Ormiston Hospital.

1. How long have you been a nurse? And how long have you been working at Ormiston?

I have been a nurse for nine years now, and it’s been two years since I joined Ormiston.

2.  What led you or inspired you into becoming a nurse?

I initially wanted to become a doctor, but since it’s going to be a long journey, my family suggested that I pursue becoming a nurse instead. I took their advice ended up liking it.

 3.   What is a patient success story that stands out for you?

I scrubbed for a difficult Laparoscopic surgery, and it involved more time and effort than we anticipated. We took our time to ensure the patients health was prioritised and it was heart-warming to know that the patient recovered well post operatively.

4. What do you enjoy about working for Ormiston Hospital?

Aside from the regular-office-like schedule, I really like how diverse Ormiston is in terms of people, culture and skills where each of us in the team is given opportunities to demonstrate, develop and share.

5. Where would you like to take your nursing career? Is there further study or career ambitions that you might have?

I would like to take up a Post Grad in Perioperative Specialty Nursing some years from now. More so, I would like to possibly try exploring nursing leadership in the future which I had few experience back in the Philippines as well.

6. What is the most interesting about your job?

I like that even with routine surgeries there is always something that can come up unexpectedly, ensuring that we are always doing the very best job at all times. Those unforeseen situations enable me to hone my skills as a theatre nurse, and I have been exposed to a lot of different cases while at Ormiston.

6. What would you ask Santa for Christmas?

For this Christmas, I’d like a halt to this pandemic, hoping for everything to go back to normal, and be able to see my family soon.


Meet the team: Jessica, Registered Nurse

Meet Jessica, Ormiston Hospital’s Pre-Operative Team Leader, who started at Ormiston Hospital working on the Ward, and then moved to Pre-Op where she has recently been promoted to Team Leader.  Jessica has provided an insight into what it’s like to work in a leading facility and alongside her team of highly regarded clinical professionals. For more information on joining the team at Ormiston, please visit our careers page.

1. How long have you been a nurse? And how long have you been working at Ormiston?

I have been a nurse for 4 years and have been working at Ormiston Hospital for 2 years

2. What led you or inspired you into becoming a nurse?

I didn’t have a specific moment where I knew what I really wanted to be however, I really enjoyed human biology and originally wanted to work with children so started thinking about nursing as a career. I think what drew me is the idea that nursing could take you anywhere around the world and that there were endless opportunities within your career.

3. What is a patient success story that stands out for you?

When I first started working on the ward at Ormiston Hospital, I looked after a mastectomy patient. Caring for her post-operatively, I was able to help her through an emotional time and assist her in her recovery.

4. What do you enjoy about working for Ormiston Hospital?

I really enjoy working with such a diverse group of people. From the surgeon’s to our nurses and our support staff and everyone in between. This includes a special mention to my team of both Pre-Admission and Pre-Operative Nurses, I feel very privileged to work alongside such amazing people.

5. Where would you like to take your nursing career? Is there further study or career ambitions that you might have?

I am very fortunate this year to have been given the opportunity to be the Pre-Operative Team Leader for Ormiston. I am really enjoying the management side of nursing and would like to continue my training further in leadership and management.

6. What is the most interesting about your job?

The most interesting part of my job would be working closely with each department ensuring I contribute to the high level of service Ormiston provides to the whole patient process.

7. What would you ask Santa for Christmas?

This year I would ask Santa for a vaccine, so we can get back to some sort of normality, but more importantly so the boarders could open, and we can visit family overseas.