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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Before admission 

Prepare for your admission to Ormiston Hospital

We’ll be in touch

The pre-admission nursing team will be in touch with you prior to your surgery to confirm admission requirements. This may be a call or via email. You may discuss any questions, concerns, and personal needs at this time.

You’re protected

When you use a health or disability service, your rights are protected by the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights. Click here for more information.

As you prepare for admission, please ensure you:

  • Are in good health 
  • Have completed any tests and investigation ordered by your surgeon.
  • Have contacted your Health Insurer and obtained a ‘prior approval’ number and letter where applicable. Note that your policy may have patient co-payments to cover part of the treatment and not all items may be fully funded. We advise patients to check their policy and approvals carefully.
  • Have an ACC approval letter (if applicable).
  • Know when to stop eating and drinking before your admission and surgery.
  • Know whether your regular medications and natural remedies should be taken as normal, e.g. anti-coagulants and some natural remedies are often stopped prior to surgery.
  • Contact the hospital if within 24 hours of surgery you become ill
  • Know when to arrive for admission
  • Report to Ormiston Hospital reception (Level 3) to drop off your completed Patient Admission Forms (if you haven’t already submitted them electronically).
  • Arrange for someone to drive you to and from hospital on the day of your surgery.
  • Have a responsible adult stay with you for at least 24 hours following surgery.

Keeping you safe

Keeping you safe during and after your procedure is extremely important to us. We ask that all patients read the below ‘Preventing Infection after Surgery’ brochure ahead of admission.

Please watch the following videos to help you prepare for surgery and what to expect when you are in hospital:

‘Keeping yourself safe whilst visiting our hospital’ (English)

‘Staying safe before and after surgery’ (English)

‘Staying safe before and after surgery’ (Te Reo Māori)