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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Always smiling at Ormiston Hospital

At Ormiston Hospital you will always be greeted with a smile by our friendly staff. We understand the importance of having a healthy smile – as a smile means a lot more than just a happy gesture. Our teeth play an important role in our lives, overall health, social lives and relationships.

This week our team at Ormiston Hospital were able to help our first Wish For A Smile patient. Wish For A Smile is a charitable trust run by the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists (NZAO). It is made up of a group of orthodontists who have provided free orthodontic treatment to more than 250 deserving young New Zealanders whose families would otherwise be unable to afford orthodontic care.

These recipients of free orthodontic care are aged between 11 – 16 years old and have severe orthodontic problems, and often come from solo income families. The lives of these young people are transformed through Wish For A Smile.

Ormiston Hospital was able to support the cause this week by way of theatre space for the procedure to take place. We hope that our comfortable and private environment should allow for a calm and easy recovery for the young patient visiting us this week.  

Wish for A Smile