Stem Cell Therapy

Expanded stem cell therapy uses a patient’s own stem cells, grown in a laboratory, to then be reinjected back into the patient’s body to reduce pain and allow worn cartilage to regenerate.

stem cell therapy

Ormiston Hospital is proud to partner with ReGen Cellular, New Zealand’s only Expanded Stem Cell company specialising in the treatment of osteoarthritis, sports injuries and now autoimmune diseases.

ReGen’s Chief Medical Officer and Rheumatoid specialist Dr Hassan Mubark is based within Ormiston Specialist Centre where stem cell harvest and reinjection treatments are carried out.

Hassan MubarkReGen operates it’s own laboratory in Queenstown and can grow or multiply cells to hundreds of millions over a 6-week period. Expanded Stem Cell therapy is not a same-day treatment. Trials have concluded Pure Expanded Stem Cell therapy (PESC) to be a safe, non-invasive treatment that can delay or negate the need for replacement surgery.

The treatments always use the patient’s own stem cells derived from a small sample of fatty tissue, as well as platelet rich plasma (PRP) to boost the body’s own healing abilities and promote tissue rejuvenation. ReGen’s  proprietary PESC protocol offers the highest concentration of stem cells available in any treatment today.

To assess suitability for treatment, patients are required to have a consultation with Dr Mubark’s. Some insurers are also covering the cost of PESC therapy.