Paediatric Surgery

Website ChildPaediatric Surgery is the field of surgery for the treatment of conditions that can be surgically corrected in a baby, child or adolescent.

This can vary depending on the type of procedure, where the purpose is to surgically correct a congenital condition, disease, traumatic injury or other disorders.

Where other specialties are concerned with a particular technique or area, paediatric surgery is the only surgical specialty that is defined by the patient’s age rather than by a specific condition.

These surgeons are equipped to cope with wide physiological differences between each age group, ranging from newborns to teenagers as well as specific skills and professionalism for dealing with children and their families.

Even though, the workload can be very broad, there are some conditions innate to children.

The most common surgeries are:

  • Circumcision
  • Herniotomy for congenital inguinal hernias
  • Correction of undescended testis
  • Repair of umbilical hernias (belly button)


Philip Morreau