Dr Ravinder Ogra and gastric balloons – the answer to weight loss

Dr Ravinder Ogra is a weight loss balloon (gastric balloon) expert, and has been performing the intragastric balloon procedure since 2015 – the first specialist in Auckland to offer gastric balloons. Working out of Ormiston Hospital, Ravinder Ogra is a highly sought after Specialist Gastroenterologist and Interventional Endoscopist.


dr Ravinder Ogra

Dr Ravinder Ogra at Ormiston Specialist Centre where he consults from.


Dr Ravinder Ogra has a particular passion for weight loss, after first using the Orbera weight loss balloon in 2015 he saw how successful this could be for his patients. It was from this that he helped to establish the Ormiston Weight Loss Service – providing weight loss balloons to New Zealanders. Dr Ravinder is rewarded by his patient’s successes, he has not only helped patients to lose weight but as a result of this weight loss they have treated other comorbidities (diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc.) , started families, and got back control over their lives.

We have a series of videos featuring Dr Ravinder answering your frequently asked questions below. Please email us with any questions you’d like Dr Ravinder to answer.

The history of gastric balloons at Ormiston Hospital:


Introducing Dr Ravinder Ogra:


How do gastric balloons work?


Are gastric balloons Safe?


How long does the gastric balloon stay in for?


How the process works at Ormiston Weight Loss Service.


How do you succeed with a Gastric Balloon?


Dr Ravinder Ogra works out of Ormiston Specialist Centre, offering consultations to all those interested in consider a gastric balloon for weight loss. Gastric balloons are suited to most people, it is a very small amount of people who cannot have one inserted. Dr Ravinder Ogra is a highly experienced specialist who is arguably one of the leading experts at weight loss balloons in New Zealand. It is best to call or email the Ormiston Specialist Centre to make a booking (09) 271 3305 or email reception@ormistonspecialists.co.nz